Johnnie 父母 和 家庭

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Johnnies come from all over the world 和 share a special bond as they study the college’s interdisciplinary great books curriculum. We consider the family—parents, gr和parents, 和 friends—of our students to be part of our community of lifelong learners 和 invite you to stay engaged with St. 约翰的 College.

家庭 of Prospective Students

A short guide to what St. 约翰的 College has to offer to your student.

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家庭 of 安纳波利斯 Johnnies

资源 for families of current students on the 安纳波利斯 campus.

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家庭 of 圣达菲 Johnnies

资源 for families of current students on the 圣达菲 campus.

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Career Planning at St. 约翰的 College

The rigorous academic program at St. 约翰的 College is recognized by many employers seeking graduates with critical thinking, problem solving, excellent writing, 和 oral communication skills. Through a variety of tools 和 resources, the college helps prepare students to be successful in the ever-evolving, global marketplace.


CAREER Development Office IN ANNAPOLIS

Personal 和 Professional Development in 圣达菲

Witnessing a Transformation

Marianne Lanuti, whose son attended law school after graduation, discusses what it’s like to be a Johnnie parent.

Ryan Johnson
From the Admissions Blog...

Read the personal account of the college 搜索 process from Ryan Johnson, who works in the St. 约翰的 Admissions Office.

Becoming a Johnnie Parent